the longer i watch this gif the more i want to burn my house down with me inside itimage

You need to screen your defence people more carefully


I hope you’ll like it;)

tablet, ps, a lot of references:)


CAROLYN: Ah, at last. Now then, guess who’s got a job tomorrow? I’ll give you a clue: it’s us.
DOUGLAS: And they call Hitchcock the master of suspense.

Cabin Pressure commission :)

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— Yes, punch me in the face! Didn’t you hear me?

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I love it! I’ve been reading it between calls at work. Cheers me right up :)


thank you that’s beautiful to know and you’re so cute and sweet :)

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My copy of @thebritishteapot’s 221 Bees arrived today! What a lovely thing to come home to!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! thank you so much I really hope you like it *sweats*

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Anonymous asked, your hair is lovely it's so purple and pretty and shiny, omg. tell me your secrets, exactly which pagan god did you make sacrifices to to get such amazing hair??

oh thank you honey! I think the secret is cutting it frequently. I used to have it very very long, so obviously the ends were all ruined. But since when I dyed it the first time (and pretty much never stopped since then) for some reason it turned it a lot better. I’ve also started cutting it more and more, this is the longest I’ve been having it for years. And that’s it. It’s also thick so probably more resistant

oh and of course demon’s blood. Obviously. I mean you can’t really wash your hair without it right ahah

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