Anonymous asked, Do you work or are you a student?

mmmh…. neither I suppose XD

Let me explain: I graduated one year ago and I spent long time wondering because laws about my profession have changed during the years I was at university, so I had to decide what to do with my degree, that’s not a real degree anymore, in my Country (very funny, Italy, very funny thank you).

So I decided to move to the UK and do a postgraduate course in order to have a real job in the UK. I’ll start it next year, probably.

To be allowed in those unis I need to have some work experience, this is why I’m working - unpayed - in a museum. I’ll do another training in another museum starting from January.

That’s my complicated life but not as much

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  1. benadictcumberbatch said: Che studiavi qui? O:
  2. leonfellpool said: So, I don’t know how college is set up in the UK/Italy, but, um, isnt that expensive?
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